Rejuvenate your décolleté and look more radiant!

Over the years, the skin of the décolleté ages and gradually loses firmness, tone, elasticity, homogeneity and hydration. However, today there are several aesthetic treatments that allow us to rejuvenate the décolleté, correcting imperfections and skin blemishes and greatly improving its appearance.

Why does aging of the décolleté occur?

The décolleté is an area that ages much earlier than other areas. Firstly, because it is one of the areas of the body most exposed to continuous solar radiation and other external aggressions, which produce spots and dilated veins. In addition, the skin of the décolleté is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the body, and it is scarce in sebaceous secretion. All this causes it to age much more rapidly than the skin on the rest of the body. In spite of needing extra care, the décolleté is usually one of the most neglected areas in daily beauty routines, so it usually suffers from lack of hydration and flaccidity appears at an earlier age than the rest of the body. Dehydration causes the skin in the area to look dull, withered and wrinkled, so it is important to follow a routine of moisturizing and cleansing the area.

Other factors influence the aging and sagging of the décolleté, such as the shape and volume of the breasts, weight changes, smoking or an unbalanced diet.

Decolletage rejuvenation treatments

To rejuvenate the décolleté we can resort to various aesthetic treatments to improve the quality of the skin in the area and to eliminate the abundant spots that usually appear there. Most of these aesthetic treatments can be combined to achieve better results.


Diamond tip microdermabrasion is an innovative exfoliation technique. It works by applying a device to the skin that suctions the dead cells from the superficial layer, leaving the skin smooth and soft. It is a totally painless and non-invasive technique whose results are visible from the first session. It is a very effective treatment to eliminate age spots or excessive sun exposure, scars or some small wrinkles, and prepares the skin to be able to apply nutrients, moisturizers, regenerators, etc. much more effectively.

In addition, it stimulates the natural renewal of the skin and the creation of new collagen, regenerating the dermis. It is a totally safe treatment that can be applied to all skin types and at any age. In addition, no special care is required after its application, although in Eiviestetic we apply a refreshing lotion and sunscreen on the skin.


Chemical peeling

Facial peeling involves an exfoliation of the skin through the application of a specific chemical solution, which causes an accelerated renewal of the superficial layers of the skin. At the same time, the peeling manages to stimulate the growth of new cells, achieving a lightening of existing blemishes, eliminating imperfections and making the skin appear much smoother and more homogeneous. The peeling also provides luminosity, regulates the secretion of fat, which is very important in the décolleté area, and reduces wrinkles.

Before peeling, it is essential to cleanse the skin in depth and, after its application, it should be well moisturized with a mask. It is also very important to protect the skin from the sun after peeling.

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Vitamin C Lift

The Vitamin C Lift is a perfect method for neck and décolleté rejuvenation, which brings luminosity and homogeneity to the skin. It works by applying a product containing a high concentration of Vitamin C to the area, which stimulates the creation of new collagen. It is an effective, simple and absolutely safe system that achieves immediate results improving the overall quality of the skin and lightening blemishes with a single session.

CO2 laser

Another very effective system to eliminate neck and décolleté imperfections and improve skin quality is Eiviestetic’s multifunction CO2 laser. The laser eliminates the most superficial layers of the skin, achieving a powerful rejuvenating effect on the neck and décolleté. It is a non-invasive treatment of short duration and rapid recovery that eliminates blemishes, scars and wrinkles, providing great luminosity and elasticity to the skin.

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