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Laser hair removal for women is undoubtedly one of the most demanded aesthetic treatments. Thanks to this totally safe technique that has revolutionized the beauty sector, hair can be removed from any part of the body in a very effective way.

However, it is an aesthetic medicine procedure that must always be performed by qualified professionals. In each case, the parameters of the light beam must be adapted to the type and color of hair, as well as the phototype or skin type. Therefore, not going to a specialized center can be counterproductive, as it can cause burns and other side effects, and can even have the opposite effect of stimulating hair growth.

How laser hair removal works

Laser hair removal consists of the application of a very intense and selective light that, by a process called selective photothermolysis, passes through our body without damaging it and concentrates its energy on the structures of the skin with black color, such as hair follicles. In this way, hair is eliminated and destroyed forever in most patients. In addition, the hair that grows afterwards is thinner, lighter and sparser. It is true that some women may need some long-term maintenance sessions, but simply to remove any residual hair that may remain.

Any area of the body with appropriate hair can be depilated with laser: armpits, legs, arms, back, face, pubis… Even the annoying hairs that sometimes appear on a woman’s chin. In addition, it is particularly suitable for areas with intolerance or sensitivity to traditional hair removal. And as we said, it is completely safe and has no health consequences in the short, medium or long term.

At Eiviestetic, as leaders in female aesthetic hair removal in Ibiza, we use the LightSeer Duet Diode laser, which offers unique speed and effectiveness. For starters, LightSeer products are 75% faster at removing body hair than the average. In addition, this laser is the best on the market for colored skin, which makes it ideal for Ibiza, where skin tends to be more tanned. An exceptional equipment and a reference in photoepilation that combines vacuum technology with laser diode light to make the sessions fast and comfortable. In addition, the sessions are virtually painless and do not require anesthesia.

Underarm laser hair removal

Underarm laser hair removal is one of the most requested by clients and also one of the areas where this technique is most effective. It is a very easy area to treat and, being relatively small, it is ideal to start with if you have not yet tried photoepilation. The treatment is virtually painless.

depilacion laser axilas

Laser hair removal in the groin

Laser hair removal in the groin is another of the most common treatments for hygiene and comfort. In addition, because of the white skin and dark hair in the area, it is a highly effective hair removal in a few sessions. The hair in this area is strong and favors the appearance of ingrown hairs that can become infected, a problem that is solved with laser hair removal. The patient chooses the area to be waxed, either the normal groin, removing the hair that may protrude from the underwear or swimsuit, Brazilian groin, the most requested and that go deeper into the pubis, or a full or complete pubic hair removal.


Full leg laser hair removal

Full leg laser hair removal includes the thighs, knees and lower half legs. It offers permanent and highly effective results. It is usually performed between 6 and 8 sessions every 2 or 3 months, although the treatment varies depending on the type of skin and hair. The treatment significantly improves the quality of the skin, eliminating typical problems of traditional hair removal such as ingrown hairs, folliculitis or irritation. Women with little hair also often choose mid-leg hair removal.


Laser hair removal between the eyebrows

Eyebrows frame, harmonize and add expressiveness to the face, and with excess hair they can be downright unsightly. That is why it is very important to take care of them. With laser hair removal excellent results are achieved to correctly define the line of the eyebrows and give a proper expression to the face. Laser hair removal on the face is completely safe and painless.


Laser hair removal pubis

Laser hair removal of the pubic area or integral hair removal of the groin includes the removal of hair in the entire area of the mons pubis. It is highly effective and allows a clear improvement in the comfort, aesthetics and hygiene of the area. As it is a very sensitive area, it is essential to perform it in a specialized center.


Laser hair removal arms

Arm hair can be unsightly when it is abundant or very dark. Fortunately, laser hair removal can remove hair from entire arms or forearms in a completely effective and safe way. It also avoids the problems of other more traditional techniques, such as irritation or clogging. The hair disappears progressively and permanently, but also improves the quality of the skin by closing the pores and improving its elasticity.

depilacion laser brazos

Laser hair removal upper lip

Facial hair removal of the upper lip with laser is the most indicated method of aesthetic medicine for hair removal in this sensitive area. Although much less aggressive and more effective than traditional methods, it requires extra care to protect the skin in the area.


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