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Fat accumulates in certain areas of the body. This disproportionate increase in fat cells in the hypodermis of a given area is known as localised fat. Women tend to accumulate fat mainly in the abdominal areathighsbuttockshipsarms and kneesMen tend to accumulate it in the abdomenflanks and arms.


Metabolic and endocrinological studies have found that fat accumulation is not usually related to the amount of fat we eat, nor is it usually a consequence of obesity or general weight gain. It is common for some people at their ideal weight to accumulate fat in an area of their body they wish to treat. In these cases, their removal is complicated without resorting to aesthetic treatment. When the fat is due to being overweight, the first step is to consult a nutritionist and follow a diet combined with physical exercise.

Localised fat can lead to other disorders, such as cellulite or circulatory problems.

How to eliminate localised fat

There are excellent treatments for localised fat, such as pressotherapymesotherapyradiofrequencymassages and lymphatic drainage. Before deciding on one treatment or another, we must distinguish whether there is overweight in general or just accumulated fat.

Body mesotherapy

Body mesotherapy is an aesthetic medical procedure that involves applying very superficial microinjections into the skin that stimulate the metabolism. Using various substances reduces the accumulation of lipids and reactivates lymphatic drainage so that the excess fat is eliminated naturally through the bloodstream and urine. It is one of the best treatments available to combat localised fat in the abdomen. It also has an overall rejuvenating effect on the skin, which appears more even, firmer, healthier, brighter and more hydrated after treatment.

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In a modern device, cyclone technology combines some of the most effective treatments for body contouring, such as radiofrequency, cavitation and HIFU. This achieves speedy and effective results and eliminates fat with no side effects, rebound effect and no need for special aftercare.

Cyclone reduces fat and volume in localised areas thanks to HIFU ultrasound, which has lipolytic properties, i.e., it mobilises the lipids that constitute the body’s fuel reserves towards the body’s peripheral tissues. Low-frequency cavitation involves the application of a different ultrasound that breaks up the adipocytes, releasing the fat inside them. It is used to reduce fat in larger areas. The device also has a rotary vacuum system that massages the skin to eliminate excess fluids and mobilises dissolved fats by ultrasound to facilitate their elimination. In addition, radiofrequency, which heats the skin, is applied at the same time. This activates collagen and elastin production to prevent sagging due to the loss of volume achieved. It is one of the best and most revolutionary aesthetic treatments available for all these reasons.

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Another of the latest and most effective treatments to eliminate localised fat is Vanquish, which uses SCR (Selective Contactless Radiofrequency) technology. It is a non-invasive, outpatient treatment perfect for combating localised fat in the abdomen, thighs and love handles. It works by homogeneously and continuously heating the subcutaneous fat in the area to be treated, causing aptosis or destruction of fat cells and collagen remodelling. Does not affect or damage the skin or other organs. Its unique technology means the radiofrequency is applied in the deep layers while the skin is kept cool. It is only activated when a layer of fat of a certain thickness is detected in the patient, so it does not bother the skin, and using anaesthesia, even topical anaesthesia, is unnecessary.

Fat is naturally eliminated through the lymphatic system. Vanquish is one of the best treatments against localised abdominal fat; it is safe and effective.

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Shock waves

Another exciting alternative to liposuction is shock waves. Used for more than 30 years in medicine, they have recently been discovered to be highly effective as an aesthetic medical treatment. Shockwave therapy is a minimally invasive and highly effective technique that involves the application of acoustic waves transmitted by vibrations. By combining these waves, the adipocytes are broken down, the circulation and drainage of the area are activated, and the metabolic rate is increased. All this favours the elimination of localised fat. In addition, it simultaneously stimulates the creation of new collagen, which gives firmness and elasticity to the skin. The results are visible from the first session, with an apparent overall skin rejuvenation effect. No specific care is required after treatment.


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