Dark skin spots are due to an uneven distribution of melatonin and melanocytes. This irregular pigmentation, or hyperpigmentation, as it is also called, is a prevalent aesthetic problem. That is why aesthetic treatments to remove dark skin spots are among the most demanded.


Before choosing a facial aesthetic treatment, it is essential to seek the advice of a specialist to identify the origin and blemishes. To begin with, we can distinguish between two types of spots: hyperchromic spots, which are darker than our skin due to a higher amount of melanin, and hypochromic spots, which are lighter than our skin, caused by a lower amount of melanin. This general classification has many spots: moles, freckles, sun spots or age spots, spots caused by hormonal changes, and birthmarks.

Eliminar manchas en la piel

Causes of the appearance of dark skin spots

Excessive unprotected sun exposure is the number one cause of hyperpigmentation. Solar radiation activates the production of melanin, which functions as a natural sunscreen for the skin. Excessive sun exposure unbalances this process and leads to hyperpigmentation. In addition, skin ageing occurs alongside the appearance of spots. That is why it is essential to use a good sunscreen.

Hormonal changes are the leading cause of the appearance of melasma or chloasma, specific dark skin spots more common in women. The appearance of spots is widespread during pregnancy but also as a side effect of specific hormonal treatments.

Age is another major cause of blemishes. From age 40 onwards, physiological changes occur, and the number of melanocytes, the cells responsible for producing melanin, decreases. In addition, the remaining spots become larger and more concentrated, leading to the appearance of unwanted senile spots, also known as solar lentigines or senile hyperkeratosis.

Hyperpigmentation may occur in the presence of skin lesions or inflammation. It is also associated with problems such as acne, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. It is a symptom of some diseases, metabolic alterations and even nutritional deficiencies. The use of certain medicines can also cause it.

How to remove dark skin spots

To prevent hyperpigmentation, it is essential to use good sunscreen as a first step and avoid exposure to the sun during the hours of the most intense radiation.

Once they have appeared, facial blemishes can be eliminated thanks to innovative aesthetic medicine treatments such as those we offer you at Eiviestetic, such as microdermabrasion, facial peeling, pulsed light or the Vitamin C lift.



Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation technique that removes dead skin cells from the surface layer of the skin. At Eiviestetic, we use diamond tip microdermabrasion. Using a device whose tips are coated with diamond particles, the skin is suctioned, absorbing dead skin cells and leaving the complexion smooth and soft. Its benefits are immediate, and from the first session, the patient notices a more homogeneous, smoother and more luminous skin. In addition, it is an entirely painless aesthetic medical method that produces a gentle massage sensation. No special care or treatment is needed after application, although at Eviestetic, we apply a refreshing lotion and sun protection.


Facial Peeling

Facial peeling consists of an accelerated renewal of the superficial layers of the skin. The skin must first be cleaned and degreased. It works by applying a chemical solution to the skin on the face, hands and neck to exfoliate the skin and stimulate the growth of new cells. In this way, imperfections are eliminated, skin blemishes are lightened, and the skin looks smoother and more even. It is an ideal treatment to reduce spots caused by hormonal factors, such as pregnancy.

peeling facial

CO2 Laser

One of the best cosmetic treatments for removing skin blemishes is the revolutionary CO2 laser. It is a state-of-the-art, fast and highly effective technology.

The laser light heats the skin and stimulates the epidermal turnover, reorganising the elastin and collagen fibres and exfoliating the outer layers of the skin, all without damaging the tissues. After 4 or 5 days, during which time care must be taken to recover the skin by avoiding exposure to the sun and make-up, the dermis looks completely rejuvenated, smooth and blemish-free.

It is a completely painless treatment that does not cause marks or scars. The CO2 laser stimulates skin regeneration quickly, effectively and safely.


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