Autologous fat transplantation to safely and effectively rejuvenate your body

Autologous fat transplantation is performed to improve the appearance of specific areas of the patient, such as the buttocks or deltoids. It is also used to rejuvenate other parts of the body such as the hands or temples. Here we tell you all about this procedure.

What is autologous fat transplantation c

In autologous fat transplantation, the fatty tissue extracted from the patient through liposuction is used to increase the volume or rejuvenate other areas of the face or body.

The procedure allows to achieve very effective and long-lasting corrections, always depending on the degree of correction required by the patient and according to the characteristics of the recipient area.

It is a popular technique that works because it does not generate rejection in the patient, since the tissue belongs to the patient. It also achieves outstanding natural effects, contributing to improve the appearance of the desired area, as well as its elasticity and hydration.

It is usually performed in strategic points of the body and face. In the body it is common in the buttocks and in the deltoid area, but it can also be used to fill in the hands or the seats, helping to take years off.

As the years have passed, this technique has been optimized and today it allows to achieve very positive results. In fact, many patients choose it over other techniques because of its natural results.

Where is the fat extracted from?

Generally, fat is extracted from certain areas such as the hips or abdomen. It is in these parts where there is a higher percentage of cells capable of reproducing into another cell lineage, which is why these areas are usually chosen. Patients also tend to accumulate more fat in the hips.

Is it an invasive procedure?

The reality is that this fat transplantation is a minimally invasive procedure. The extraction is performed with a cannula whose diameter ensures the integrity of the adipocytes.

What is the procedure?

The procedure as such, consists of the extraction of the donor fat. It is known as a lipotransfer process where the fat is purified and growth factors are added to improve the viability of the fat cells. Then infiltrations are performed in the desired areas.

When to do it?

By filling with autologous fat, the person can mold the desired contour, improving the appearance and quality of the skin to address various problems or complexes. The results obtained are natural.


On which parts of the body can autologous fat be used?

Autologous fat can be implemented on the body or on the face. These are some of its most frequent implementations:

Facial biostimulation

This procedure consists in the filling of facial wrinkles by means of a fat emulsion. It is ideal for reducing fine wrinkles. It can be used to improve the general condition of the face and upper lip furrows.

Autologous fat in the face

It consists in the infiltration of autologous fat in the malar region. It can often be used to reshape the facial oval or chin, with natural results. It can also enhance the eyebrows and reduce the most visible signs of aging.

Autologous lip fat

This procedure consists in the filling of the lips. A more natural appearance is achieved with a minimally invasive technique.

Grasa autóloga en senos

En los senos se puede utilizar para aumentar un máximo de una talla. Se consigue un resultado natural a la vista y también al pacto, con lo que es uno de los métodos que más expectativas generan.

Autologous fat in the buttocks

The objective of this procedure is to increase the volume of the buttocks, giving a natural look and feel.

Autologous fat in hands

The back of the hands is considerably improved thanks to the filling of this fat. It corrects the problem of “bony hands” that appears over the years. Thanks to this fat infiltration, the hands look fuller and more natural.

Autologous fat for twins

It is also possible to considerably increase the volume of the calves by means of autologous fat extracted from other parts of the body.

Autologous fat for reconstructing tissue from burns or congenital diseases

Among its other uses, of course, autologous fat transplantation is also used to repair tissue due to burns or congenital diseases. For example, it considerably improves the appearance of scars or marks.


Autologous fat transplant in Ibiza

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