Brachioplasty in Ibiza

Goodbye to flabby arms:

Brachioplasty is a body surgery treatment performed at our clinic in Ibiza. It is often performed by patients who wish to have firmer arms without excess hanging skin.


Arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a body surgery that aims to remove excess skin from the arms so they look younger and firmer.

In this surgery, an incision is made on the inside of the upper arm to remove the excess skin. In more severe cases, making a small cut from the armpit to the elbow may be necessary, but always on the inside so it is not visible. Through this incision, the excess skin is removed.

To remove excess fat from the arms, arm lifts can be combined with liposuction. It is also essential to consider the different stages of flaccidity, as other techniques will be used depending on the extent of flaccidity, usually using local or general anaesthesia.

Before the consultation, the patient’s health is assessed, and the patient is told how to prepare for the operation.



After the procedure, the patient can enjoy firmer arms without excess sagging skin. And if the recommended aftercare is followed, the results can be permanent.

It is recommended that the patient should not be very obese or have a prolonged sedentary lifestyle, as this could affect the results. That is why we always recommend a balanced diet and regular physical exercise.

Is there a scar?

There are usually no visible scars. Less invasive techniques are used in milder cases, but more advanced cases may require other incisions or cuts. In any case, they are always performed on the inside, so they are not visible and with the patient’s prior knowledge.



It is expected to feel some tenderness or even swelling in the arms the first few days after brachioplasty.

When sleeping, it is recommended that the patient rest with the arms elevated and with two or three pillows to support the arms. This will reduce discomfort for the first few days.

A relatively everyday life is possible after about two weeks (the exact time depends on the individual patient). While the final results can be seen after a few months, the actual duration depends on the individual patient.


Why undergo an arm lift?

Over the years, flaccidity appears in both men and women, especially in women. The arms are where flaccidity is visible and can cause unwanted complexes in women, but there is a solution.

With brachioplasty, you will no longer have to worry about localised flaccidity in the arm area. After undergoing the procedure, you can show off perfect arms as if you were taking years off.

There are women who, after age 40, give up wearing short-sleeved shirts or tank tops and dresses. This is due to the problem of flabby arms, but you won’t have to deal with it anymore. It can be solved.

By undergoing this risk-free procedure, you can enjoy more beautiful arms without dealing with the complex of sagging. Your arms will look smoother and remind you of when you were younger.

It is an operation that can help you recover your self-esteem and wear all those clothes you thought you had lost with age.

If it is a part of you that you would like to improve, this body surgery treatment is one of the most popular and is entirely on the agenda. Now you can learn about the price and the steps to follow.

Brachioplasty in Ibiza

If you wish to undergo brachioplasty body treatment in Ibiza, we have the best professionals in our clinic. We are at your disposal to answer any questions about the procedure.

An arm lift in Ibiza by the best experts will help you always have firm, smooth arms without excess skin. For this, it is advisable to put yourself in the hands of the best to achieve the best results.

Make an appointment with us, and we will inform you of your degree of flaccidity and the intervention to be performed. Do not hesitate to ask for an estimate without obligation.

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