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After undergoing breast cancer, some women decide to undergo breast reconstruction. In this way, with the help of the best professionals, it is possible to reconstruct the breast affected by the tumour and restore it to its previous appearance.

It is an operation that can be carried out in different ways. A woman can choose between different types of post-oncological breast reconstruction. For example, it can be used with prostheses, autologous fat, and microsurgical flaps.


This surgical procedure, known as post-oncological breast reconstruction, is usually performed after undergoing a mastectomy. That is a total or partial removal of a breast due to breast cancer.

When a woman is faced with such terrible news and has to have a tumour removed, it doesn’t end there because there is a high chance of cure. The breast can also be reconstructed to achieve the appearance it had previously.

This breast reconstruction procedure helps women to regain their physical appearance. Above all, their sense of identity because losing a breast can be excruciating and difficult to assimilate.

Breast reconstruction is not carried out using a single technique. It can be performed in various ways depending on individual patient factors, such as the mastectomy performed, previous radiation and the patient’s general health.

Some of the most common methods of breast reconstruction include reconstruction with prostheses, autologous fat or microsurgical flaps.

It is important to note that post-oncological breast reconstruction is a process in which each woman must decide whether or not she wishes to undergo reconstruction after a mastectomy. It is optional and voluntary for each woman, depending on her feelings.

This process does not prevent detection of breast cancer recurrence. For this particular purpose, it is always performed after cancer treatment. It does not affect the success of the treatment performed.


One of the options that women can consider when it comes to breast reconstruction is using prostheses. This is a surgical procedure performed after a mastectomy, the purpose of which is to insert an artificial breast prosthesis.

Breast implants are placed under the pectoral muscles or the breast tissue. These can be silicone or saline and adjusted in size and shape for a more natural appearance.

This reconstruction can be done in one or more phases or surgeries, depending on the mastectomy and the health of the patient. It is a procedure that may require periodic follow-up or even the possibility of replacing or adjusting the implant over time.

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Another option that may be considered is breast reconstruction with autologous fat. Unlike the previous procedure, fat from the patient’s own body is used to reconstruct the breast after a mastectomy. It is known as breast lipotransfer or breast lipofilling.

Fat is removed from the abdomen or thighs to perform the procedure. It is then injected into the breast to fill and form the new breast.

One of its main advantages is that there is no risk of rejection as it is the patient’s own. However, regular monitoring is recommended to adjust the result.

It should be noted that autologous fat reconstruction is not always recommended for all patients and depends on the amount of fat available. This is why it is essential to discuss this with the medical professional.


In the case of breast reconstruction with microsurgical flaps, this is a breast reconstruction in which tissue from other parts of the body is used to reconstruct the breast after a mastectomy. It is mainly removed from the abdomen, back or thighs.

Once the necessary tissue is removed, it is transferred to the breast to reconstruct the shape and size of the breast. It is performed using microsurgical techniques that allow the attachment of small blood vessels to maintain blood circulation and enable the transferred tissue to survive and integrate into the breast.

Although it can be more complex or require more recovery time than the other types, it allows a natural result with outstanding durability. It also requires regular monitoring.

However, it is not always the most suitable option for all patients. If in doubt, discuss this with your surgeon.

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