Cruroplasty in Ibiza

Get sculpted and defined legs with cruroplasty: the solution to show off your legs with confidence

Cruroplasty or thigh lift is a type of body treatment that helps to remove excess fat and skin from the thigh. It is common in patients who have lost a lot of weight, to prevent skin sagging.

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What is cruroplasty

The thigh lift is a surgical technique that improves the contour of the thighs, removes fat and excess skin from the inner thigh.

It is not a slimming technique nor a liposculpture treatment. It is recommended for people who have followed diets that have led them to lose a lot of weight and who do not want to deal with thighs with hanging skin, since it can be unsightly and even cause complexes.

By means of this treatment, the excess dermal fat tissue is removed and liposuction is performed, making the thighs look firmer and with a better aspect.



The accumulation of localized fat in the leg area is more common in women, due to hormonal issues. Of course, they can also be related to the food they eat, especially if they follow unhealthy diets with foods high in fats and sugars.

This problem is also common in people who have been overweight and have followed strict diets to lose weight. If too many kilos are lost, the skin on the thighs can look flaccid and feel like it is too much.

Obviously, over the years the skin will always eventually become saggy. With a good diet and exercise it can be delayed, but the effects can be enhanced with a cruroplasty treatment.

What type of patient is it indicated for?

This body treatment is indicated, mainly, for 2 patient profiles:

  • Patients who performed gastric surgery or had a gastric balloon, with their respective weight loss. If this occurs, it is possible to have hanging skin in the thighs and they are looking to remove it.
  • Patients who opted for liposculpture or liposuction in the thighs. Through cruroplasty it is possible to improve the contour and eliminate the excess of skin and wrinkles, as well as to elevate the sagging tissue in this area.

It is also a visible problem with the passing of the years.



Regarding the postoperative period of cruroplasty in Ibiza, it should be noted that the first week may require anticoagulation due to immobilization.

In a matter of two weeks after undergoing the intervention, the patient can return to a relative normality. Although the first month will have to wear a compression garment.

It is also advisable to rest and avoid exposure to the sun. Lymphatic drainage is also highly beneficial for a proper recovery.

Does it leave a scar?

The truth is that the resulting scar depends on the type of patient. Normally, it is proportional to the amount of skin that is left over, so it will be bigger in the most serious cases and it will depend on the type of surgery you undergo according to your needs. In any case, if there is a scar, it is concealed on the inner groin and thighs.

When are the results visible?

Results may be visible after a few months. It is normal for them to be swollen at first, but you will notice the skin is smoother and softer. The definitive results are seen after 6 months of the intervention. This time may vary depending on the patient.

Are the results permanent?

In many cases, the results of cruroplasty can be permanent. It depends largely on the patient’s lifestyle, since it is not advisable to become overweight or suffer from an extreme sedentary lifestyle.

The ideal is to lead a healthy lifestyle and to exercise regularly so that the surgery lasts as long as possible.


Cruroplasty or lifting of thighs in Ibiza

Cruroplasty can have many benefits for men and women who have a strong complex about the excess skin on their thighs. We know that it can be unsightly and that there are people who even stop wearing certain items of clothing, so as not to show that the skin is hanging. Although it is something natural with age.

With the body surgery treatment based on thigh lift in Ibiza you will be able to look better, so you can feel yourself again. It is a type of surgery that can help you look a more toned body, to say goodbye to imperfections.

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