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Some women have what is known as a tuberous breast. It is a more common problem than it may seem at first glance because “1 in 4 women leave with this assessment by the specialist”.

If you think you may be suffering from it, you must consult professionals for an assessment so that you can learn for sure.

What is tuberous breast

Tuberous breast is a congenital deformity in which the breast is abnormally shaped, with a protrusion at the bottom of the nipple. This causes the lower pole and sides of the breasts to underdevelop, resulting in a different aesthetic appearance.

It can manifest itself in different ways, as it can have an abnormal space at the top of the areola, causing an asymmetrical or separated appearance of the breasts.

The reality of this issue is that it can affect a woman’s self-esteem and confidence. However, it is not always treated solely for aesthetic reasons, as in some cases, it can be a functional problem as it can hinder breastfeeding.

Every woman has her reasons for undergoing surgery to correct the shape of her breasts and have a normal appearance. For this purpose, breast augmentation, mastopexy and areola correction can be performed.


Tuberous breasts are a congenital breast deformity that does not always affect women equally.

It is mainly characterised by an abnormal shape with a protrusion or protrusion at the bottom of the nipple and an abnormal space at the top of the areola.

It can be identified if the breast looks asymmetrical or has a different size in each breast. In addition, some signs and symptoms may indicate that you have tuberous breasts, which are as follows:

  • Inverted or inverted nipples:one of the main reasons that may lead one to think that one has tuberous breasts is if the nipples appear to be turned inwards or inverted. This happens when the nipple is not positioned correctly and points inward.
  • Cylindrical shape:this is one of the most common shapes and is characterised by the breast having a tubular or cylindrical shape, with protrusion or nipple nub.
  • Asymmetry:easy to detect because one breast looks larger or smaller than the other.
  • Abnormal breast space:manifested as a more exaggerated than standard space at the top of the areola.

These cases are indicative of tuberous sinuses. If in doubt, you must consult an expert so they can examine your breasts and be able to confirm whether you are indeed suffering from this problem. From there, the possibility of appropriate treatment can be considered.

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To correct a tuberous breast problem, a plastic surgery procedure is often customised to the patient’s needs. In this way, the congenital deformity of the tuberous breast can be successfully corrected, depending on the individual case, which may be different.

This surgery aims to improve the shape and appearance of the breast, making it possible to achieve the normal shape that the patient desires.

Different techniques can be used in surgery. For example:

  • Breast augmentation can help to increase breast size and make one breast look the same as the other.
  • Mastopexy allows the breast to be lifted and shaped so that both breasts look entirely symmetrical and in the same position.
  • Areola correction is a technique to reposition the areola and sometimes reduce its size for a more symmetrical appearance between the breasts.

Each surgery is performed in its way and may take different lengths of time depending on the needs of each patient. This is why it is important to consult professionals to evaluate each case separately and to see the possibilities. From there, the surgeon will recommend the best option for the patient.

Pain, swelling and even bruising are typical after surgery. This is normal and will gradually disappear over time. But following your surgeon’s instructions to the letter is essential and taking as much time as necessary for a proper recovery.


If you wish to treat a tuberous breast in Ibiza, remember that we are at your disposal. Call us to make an appointment so that we can take your case.

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