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The cervicofacial lifting is a surgery performed to reposition the facial and cervical connective and muscular tissues that have fallen due to the passage of time.

As the years go by, the skin becomes flaccid, falls, wrinkles and loses elasticity. But by means of this surgery, the excess skin is eliminated and a lifting effect is achieved.

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What is a cervicofacial liftING

The cervicofacial lifting is a type of surgery that is not performed with the purpose of stretching the face, but to reposition the facial and cervical tissues.

It is a surgical technique that improves the appearance of the face and neck, subtracting a few years off in a natural way, with which the skin looks smoother and younger.

The objective of this surgery is to tighten and remove excess fat in the skin, strengthening the facial muscles. With which a rejuvenation of the cervicofacial features is achieved, eliminating the flaccidity in the face and neck.

How the surgery is performed

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. The duration varies depending on whether the facelift is performed on the face, neck or both parts. In general, it is a quick surgery and the patient is discharged the same day and can go home to rest.

Are there scars?

The scars may depend on many factors, such as the structure of the patient’s face and the technique that has been used.

Normally, in the cervicofacial lifting the cuts are made at the temples, in the area of the sideburn behind the earlobe and back, so they are hidden and are not visible to the naked eye. In the case of long hair, they are completely hidden.

Once the scars complete their natural maturation process they become more imperceptible, so they are certainly not an impediment to undergo this type of surgery, where everything is beneficial.



The postoperative period after the cervicofacial lift can be somewhat painful. Therefore, medication, such as the use of painkillers, is usually prescribed.

After surgery, the patient will wear (if needed) a small drain to drain blood or inflammatory fluid for a few days. As well as a compressive bandage. This will help prevent possible bruising and reduce swelling.

During the postoperative period of this type of surgery, swelling, loss of sensation or bruising may occur. It is therefore important to follow the doctor’s instructions and wait for the weeks to pass, since everything will gradually return to normal.

The ideal is to maintain a posture with the head upright to avoid tension in the wounds and that it heals properly.

The necessary stitches are removed about two weeks after surgery. As for the results, the definitive result is appreciated after 6 months, although they are already noticeable after a month of surgery.

How many years does the surgery last?

The duration of a cervicofacial lifting depends on many factors. Mainly, the skin care that the patient performs, as well as sun exposure, which should always be with SPF 50 and with great care.

In general, the patient can enjoy the results of the facelift for about 8 to 10 years. So it can be repeated after that time. But we insist that it depends on each patient in question, their case and the care they follow.

Natural results

After performing the cervicofacial lifting in Ibiza, you will see that you get a very subtle facial rejuvenation. The face and neck look younger. It does not affect facial mobility at all, nor does it change the personality or detract from the expressiveness of the face. It is completely natural. You simply look younger.

There are people who decide to combine it with other types of surgery, such as eyelid surgery. In any case, it always depends on the patient’s needs, but for best results it can always be combined with other facial surgery.


The best age to undergo a cervicofacial facelift

The recommended age is from 45 or 50 years old. It depends a lot on the patient, so if you have doubts it is important that you put yourself in the hands of a professional before undergoing this type of surgery.

Cervicofacial lifting in Ibiza

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