Mentoplasty in Ibiza


Mentoplasty is an operation that is the order of the day in Ibiza to correct possible deformities of the chin. It can be augmentation or reduction and is a common cosmetic surgery for both men and women.

If you are considering possibly undergoing a mentoplasty in Ibiza, we specialise in this procedure in our cosmetic surgery clinic. We invite you to learn all about it in detail below.

What is Mentoplasty

Mentoplasty is a cosmetic surgery performed to correct deformities or malformations of the chin. Mainly chins that are badly coloured (not symmetrical) or chins that are too large or too small.

This surgery can be performed on people of any age. However, it is usually recommended after age 18, when the chin has generally reached its final size. Moreover, it is entirely valid for both men and women.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, and the duration is variable, as it depends on the needs of each patient, but it is usually quick.

After the surgery, it is necessary to wear a compression garment on the chin for a few days to avoid any possible knocks or chafing in the area and to keep it in the correct position.

Recovery is usually quick, and results can be seen very quickly. Achieving a more defined profile, a more harmonious face, and an apparent double chin reduction. And all this with almost no scarring.

Why undergo a mentoplasty?

Each person, man or woman, has his or her reasons for choosing this surgery. In general, the ideal candidate does so for one of these reasons:

  • Correcting chin deformities or malformations: this surgery is often used to correct bulging or disproportionate chins and asymmetrical chins or chins that are too large or too small.
  • Improve facial proportion: mentoplasty can also be performed to improve the proportion of the face, with augmentation surgery if the chin is too prominent or reduction surgery if it is too small. Improving this relationship can significantly change the shape of the face and make it look better.
  • Improve self-esteem: Many people who undergo mentoplasty do so to improve their self-esteem, look more beautiful, and feel more self-confident. It is undoubtedly another compelling reason to take the leap, primarily if it affects your mental health.


Before performing mentoplasty, the surgeon must determine which part of the chin is to be operated on and the procedure to be followed, assessing the texture of the skin and the underlying bone. The patient will always be informed of possible risks, care, and expectations.


First of all, the most appropriate technique for each patient is followed. To better define the chin, you can opt for the implantation of a prosthesis, the infiltration of fatty tissue or the advancement of part of the jaw bone.

If the deformity is more pronounced, it may be necessary to fix a section of bone (osteotomy) or to make an incision inside the mouth itself.

It is performed under local anaesthesia.


Any minor surgery is associated with some risks. In any case, it is a safe and successful procedure. The patient can usually return home within the day.


Postoperative period or postoperative care

The patient is expected to experience some discomfort or pain after undergoing mentoplasty. Still, it is quite possible that this can be solved with the use of a painkiller prescribed by the doctor. The patient may also have to be on a liquid diet for one or two days.

Results are quick, but you may notice a slight tightness in the chin area during the first week. The swelling may subside about 6 weeks after the procedure. You may even feel some numbness for about 3 months. In any case, it disappears.

The patient can return to everyday professional life and routine about 10 days after the operation.

Please note that deadlines may vary from case to case.

Are the results permanent?

Of course. Chin surgery or mentoplasty is a procedure with lifelong results. While you can undergo other operations to define your chin further, you may be able to get what you want with just one operation.

Mentoplasty in Ibiza

If you are interested in chin surgery, we will gladly assist you and evaluate your case in our cosmetic surgery clinic in Ibiza. Book your appointment, and we will attend as soon as possible.


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