Perineoplasty in Ibiza

Renew your wellness with perineoplasty: a service to strengthen your intimate health

Within the intimate surgery for women, we find the perineoplasty. It is a surgical procedure in which the perineum or perineum is repaired.

There are women who decide to undergo this intervention after childbirth, but in general it can be performed for medical or aesthetic reasons.

What is perineoplasty

Perineoplasty involves the aesthetic and functional repair of the perineum. This is the area from the opening or introitus of the vagina to the anus.

Normally, women who undergo this surgery do so to correct the damage caused by childbirth. Also to decrease the width of the opening of the vagina and eradicate possible vaginal noises that may occur while having sex.

It is a type of intimate surgery that can also be performed to treat cases of vaginal tightness and thus improve the quality of relations. So it is indicated for women who want to correct these problems around the vagina. For example, from childbirth tears to episiotomy scars.

The technique consists of repairing the perineum, the area between the vagina and the anus. So it includes all the skin and muscular structures.

The results are good from the aesthetic point of view and also functional. The patient can enjoy her intimate life again, which can lead to improved self-esteem and greater happiness.


What is done in this procedure is to improve and/or repair the appearance of the perineum. During the intervention, the surgeon makes an incision in the perineum and sutures the tissues together to subsequently tighten and repair any tears or damage located in that area.

Although not always performed, there are surgeons who also proceed to remove excess skin or tissue. This undoubtedly contributes to improve your appearance, to achieve more aesthetic results and achieve the goal.

This surgery can be performed under general anesthesia but as an outpatient surgery. So you can return home shortly after the procedure.

As for the scarring, it is aesthetic. The small scars are well concealed, so it is not something to worry about.



After the operation it is important to rest for at least two weeks, so during that time you should not exercise or carry weight.

It is recommended to resume sexual activity after a minimum of four weeks of rest.

In which cases should this intervention be performed?

Since it is an intimate surgery, the most important thing is to talk about it.

There are women who do not know that this procedure exists or who do not undergo it out of fear or even embarrassment, but the truth is that it is completely on the agenda and can significantly improve the way in which they enjoy sexual relations.

The reality is that perineoplasty can be performed for a variety of reasons. There are women who decide to undergo perineoplasty to improve the appearance of the perineum, but as we told you, it can also be performed for medical or functional reasons.

As you can imagine, the perineum can be damaged during childbirth, especially if there has been what is known as a tear or an episiotomy. So this surgery will help repair the damage and improve not only the appearance on an aesthetic level, but also the function, to enjoy relationships more.

It can also be useful for women who have not given birth but have suffered some injury due to physical activities or accidents. In these cases perineoplasty can be used to correct these anomalies or injuries.


What are the symptoms of a woman considering this surgery?

Despite the cases mentioned in the previous section, there are women who are not entirely sure about undergoing this surgery.

Those who do, have the feeling that their vagina is too wide and that they no longer enjoy intercourse as much as they did before, since they feel that they cannot hold the penis inside the vagina.

There are also women who have a kind of air in the vagina, even a feeling of pressure and pain in the rectum.

In addition to other cases in which aesthetically the woman does not feel comfortable or confident with the appearance.

Perineoplasty in Ibiza

If you are interested in knowing more about this intervention, in our clinic we are specialists in perineoplasty in Ibiza.

It is a type of intimate surgery that is increasingly in the mouth of women, so it can certainly help you greatly improve the quality of life, enjoy more relationships and regain your self-esteem. If you have any doubts, we are here to listen to you. We are waiting for you.


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