Scrotoplasty: more than a cosmetic surgery, an improvement in your wellbeing

Scrotoplasty is a type of male surgery that aims to correct the shape or size of the testicles. It is mainly performed to rejuvenate the area. Although it can be performed for other reasons.

What is Scrotoplasty

This surgical procedure, also known as a scrotal lift, can be performed to correct the size or shape of the testicles, either for cosmetic or medical reasons.

When it is for aesthetic reasons, it is often performed to improve the size or contour of the testicles, which depending on the man may be too large or have an abnormal shape, either due to medical conditions or genetic factors.

It is now a procedure that is also indicated in transgender patients for gender affirmation.

What it consists of

Scrotoplasty treatment consists of a surgical procedure in which the surgeon will correct the size or shape of the testicles as discussed with the patient. The surgery is performed in the hospital and requires local anesthesia or sedation.

During the process, the surgeon makes an incision in the skin of the scrotum and then modifies the size or shape of the testicles as needed.

For example, he may remove excess skin or tissue, as well as repair possible damage caused by previous surgeries or to treat medical conditions such as hydrocele. In other words, the path to follow may be one or the other depending on the pathology to be treated, which will also affect the duration.


As for the postoperative period following a scrotoplasty, it depends very much on the type of operation that has been performed. It is normal to feel pain and swelling days after the intervention. But it is important to follow the doctor’s instructions at all times, so that it goes as quickly as possible.

Pain medication can often be prescribed and ice may be recommended to control swelling in the area.

As for full recovery, it may be several weeks. It may even include rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the scrotal muscles.

Generally, normal life can be resumed about 20 days to a month after the operation. So it is a relatively quick and quiet recovery process.


Are there scars?

Those who undergo this procedure for aesthetic reasons often wonder if scars may remain. The truth is that there are minimal scars as a result of the incisions, but it is not a problem, because they can be camouflaged among the public hair. So they are not noticeable and go completely unnoticed.

When to undergo Scrotoplasty

There are many reasons to undergo a scrotoplasty and each man has his own. Although it can be performed simply for aesthetics, to rejuvenate the area, the reality is that it can also be helpful after cancer surgery, to regain your shape, self-esteem and confidence.

It can also be performed to treat certain health problems related to the testicles. One of the main ones is hydrocele, which refers to the accumulation of fluid around one or both testicles.

Another reason it is performed is to treat developmental problems or to repair damage caused by previous trauma or surgery. Also in the case of gender affirmation.


In summary, these are the most common cases that lead the patient to undergo this procedure:

  • Sunken scrotum due to age: it happens with the passing of the years, caused by natural aging. If that area is noticeably sunken, it may be advisable to perform a scrotal lift to look better.
    Buried penis: it is known as a malformation that can be detected even in babies, when the penis sticks to the scrotum due to an excess of skin; with surgery the excess skin can be removed and reshaped. 
  • Enlarged scrotal sac: This problem can be uncomfortable when playing sports or having sex. But it can be corrected for good. 
  • Penoscrotal membrane: The skin connecting the penis and the scrotum can become stretched out on the underside, like a net. This is an anomaly known as penoscrotal webbing and can be corrected with scrotoplasty.
  • Sex change: in a transition from female to male, a scrotum can be created with this procedure. 
  • For aesthetics: it can also be performed to reshape the scrotum, simply to make it look the way you want it to look.

In any case, it is always important to evaluate it with a specialist beforehand, so that he/she can recommend the best way to proceed according to your case.


If you wish to undergo a scrotoplasty intervention in Ibiza, know that from our cosmetic surgery clinic we will be happy to receive you in the consultation to evaluate your case. We will advise you without obligation.