How to remodel your figure at eiviestetic

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Today we want to talk about the new treatments we have at Eiviestetic to remodel your figure in a very comfortable way.

Of course, following a healthy diet and exercising is essential for losing weight. But we can assure you that if you combine that with one of our treatments, you will notice how the quality of your skin improves considerably.

These devices are used to reduce the orange peel effect, cellulite, sagging… giving the body a smooth and youthful appearance.

First we have Cyclone. This device includes several techniques, which are applied depending on the skin problems in different areas. For example, radiofrequency massage is ideal for fluid retention. In a few sessions, you will how the inflammation of some areas like the abdomen, saddlebags or even the arms, is reduced considerably. It also has the HIFU technique, which attacks localized fat, or cavitation, ideal for reducing fat in wider areas.


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If your problem is in the abdomen, Vanquish is the solution. Vanquish uses Selective Contactless Radiofrecuency (SCR) technology to selectively target subcutaneous fat without affecting the skin or the deeper tissues. It manages to heat the fatty tissue of the treated zone uniformñy and continuously throughout the treatment, maintaining temperatures capable of inducing the aptosis (destruction) of the fat cells and remodelling of the collagen. The fat is then removed naturally through the lymphatic system.

But there’s still more…. If you want to harden, attack cellulite, smooth and reduce sagging: Shockwaves.


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We must also mention pressure therapy, which will improve circulation, and therefore also fluid retention, swelling in the feet, etc.



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