Augmentation mammoplasty in Ibiza

Mammoplasty in Ibiza: Enhance your beauty

Within breast surgery, we find augmentation mammoplasty. In our cosmetic surgery clinic we perform this intervention, through which women can increase their breasts and enjoy the desired size and shape. Are you interested? We invite you to discover it.

What is Augmentation Mammoplasty

Augmentation mammoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to increase the size of the breasts.

To do so, a series of breast implants are placed under the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle. These can be made of silicone or saline. They are also available in different sizes and shapes, depending on the results the patient wishes to achieve.

The surgery is performed through an incision in the armpit, in the areola or in the submammary fold. Once performed, the implant is placed under the breast tissue.

As a result, the desired shape and size is achieved. There are women who do it to look better or feel more self-confident, more confident or even to leave a complex behind. It is completely the order of the day and it is certainly a type of procedure that can change your life. However, we always recommend having realistic expectations about the results.

What is the postoperative period like?

Before undergoing this procedure, it is normal that you want to know what the postoperative period of breast augmentation consists of.

The first 24 hours are usually the most uncomfortable, so painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs are usually prescribed to treat the pain. After that time, the postoperative bandage is changed for an anatomical bra for mammoplasty.

For a better recovery, it is necessary to use an orthopedic bra for a month and should be worn throughout the day. Hygiene in the area should be with great care and care, to get to heal well.

Normally the patient returns to normal life a week after surgery, but it is not recommended to do much physical activity. In addition to sudden movements. It is better to be careful.

To sleep, it is advisable to sleep on your back. In fact, it is recommended to sleep this way for the first few months. After about three months you can sleep on your stomach again, but only if recommended by your doctor, depending on your case and how your recovery progresses.

Gradually you can return to your normal routine, but it is important to be concerned. As soon as the doctor advises it, you will be able to lead a completely normal life as before, but it is advisable to wait the necessary time (which may be different depending on the patient) and follow the doctor’s instructions.

At what age can augmentation mammoplasty be performed?

There is no age as such, since it is a personal decision of the patient. However, it is recommended that the patient is over 18 years old and has completed her physical development prior to surgery.


Benefits of augmentation mammoplasty

The augmentation mammoplasty can be a very beneficial operation for some women, because it allows:

Increase breast size: there are women who live with a strong complex about having small breasts, but that is no longer a problem thanks to augmentation mammoplasty, which allows you to increase the size and enjoy a chest like the one you always dreamed of.

Correct asymmetry: sometimes the size of the breasts is not a problem, but it is that they look somewhat asymmetrical. Thanks to this intervention you will no longer have to worry about this part, because this surgery can help correct this asymmetry and make them look exactly the same.

Restore breasts after pregnancy or breastfeeding: after a woman gives birth or has breastfed, her breasts may not look the same as they did before becoming a mother. In that case, surgery can be a great ally to try to restore the fingers and give them the desired shape.

Improve body proportion: surgery can also help to improve body proportion and increase a person’s self-esteem and confidence. Thus, from an aesthetic point of view, the benefits of this procedure are extensive.

The benefits of this intervention are extensive and many women undergo surgery precisely for that reason, to correct a complex or look better. Each woman has her own reasons. That is why it is important that, if this is your case, you put yourself in the hands of a good surgeon before making a decision.

What age is recommended for this procedure?

The age at which a person can undergo labiaplasty varies from case to case. Generally, it is recommended to wait until the labia minora have reached their adult size and shape before considering surgery. This is achieved in adolescence or in young women. It is not recommended for those under 18 years of age.

If surgery is being considered first of all it is important to discuss it with the surgeon so that an individualized evaluation and recommendation can be made.

Augmentation mammoplasty in Ibiza

If you are interested in augmentation mammoplasty in Ibiza, you should know that our clinic will be pleased to provide you with our services. Do not hesitate to book your appointment so we can evaluate your case and propose options. We will be at your side at all times. Shall we talk?



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