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Some women have what are known as asymmetrical breasts. A problem that refers to breast asymmetry. That is an inequality in shape, position or size between the breasts.

If you think this is your case, in our clinic in Ibiza, we perform different types of breast surgery depending on the problem. Find out more without obligation.


Breast asymmetry occurs when one breast is larger than the other or has different shapes.

It is a common condition among women and can be caused by several factors. For example, due to a hormonal change, a different development, an injury, an illness, etc. These are discussed below.


There is not always an explanation because this breast asymmetry can have different origins. For example:

  • Different development:breasts may grow at different rates during puberty and adulthood. As a result, the breasts may look different from each other.
  • Hormonal changes:Changes in women’s hormone levels can cause significant alterations in the body. This can occur during the menstrual cycle or other phases, such as pregnancy or menopause. These hormonal changes can compromise the size and shape of the breasts.
  • Injuries:Asymmetry can also lead to injuries, such as sports injuries or surgery. These are problems that can make breasts look different.
  • Diseases:Certain diseases can affect breast symmetry. For example, breast cancer or fibrocystic mastopathy.

These problems are the order of the day. They can jeopardise the aesthetics and self-esteem of many women, as it can be painful for women.

Regardless of the trigger, you should know that a plastic surgeon can offer you options for correcting breast asymmetry. So, if you are worried, you can always talk to a professional about the actual expectations in your case.

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It is up to the plastic surgeon to determine the surgery that can correct your asymmetrical breast problem. In some cases, you can even combine different procedures, depending on the asymmetry presented and the individual preferences the patient may have. For example:

  • Breast augmentation surgery:if one breast is smaller than the other, it is normal for the patient to see that she has this asymmetrical breast problem. However, it can be corrected with breast augmentation surgery on the smaller breast to equalise the size.
  • Breast reduction surgery:the opposite may be the case. If one breast is larger, a breast reduction may be performed on the larger breast to equalise the size. In this way, they will no longer have an asymmetrical appearance.
  • Breast lift is a breast lift surgery that can be personalised to lift and shape the breast to the desired shape.
  • Nipple repositioning surgery:the nipple may be slightly displaced. In this case, it can be repositioned to correct the position so that it is where it should be.
  • Fat injection:Injecting fat into the breasts may be an option to even out the size.

As you can see, different types of surgery depend on the patient’s condition and needs. They can be carried out separately or combined to achieve the desired result.


Some women suspect they have asymmetrical breasts. This may be easy to identify a priori in some cases but unclear in others. In general, several signs may indicate breast asymmetry:

  • Different breast sizes occur when one breast is larger or smaller than the other.
  • Different shape:it is also considered breast asymmetry if one breast has a different shape. It tends to look more droopy or outwards.
  • Nipple displaced to one side:This problem is confirmed if one of the nipples is displaced upwards, downwards, sunken inwards or excessively outwards.
  • Growth at different rates:during breast growth, you may notice that one breast starts to grow faster than the other or even changes in size. This may occur if there are hormonal changes.

For any of these signs, speaking to a medical professional to determine the cause and whether surgery can be performed to correct the breast asymmetry is important.


If you suffer from an apparent problem of breast asymmetry and think it is important or that it affects your self-esteem or even your quality of life, call us so that we can assess your case. You are in the best hands.

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