Permanent and painless hair-removal

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Today we want to talk about laser hair-removal.

After several studies, at EIVIESTETIC we have opted for the LightSeer Duet Diode laser.


Because LightSheer products remove hair an average of 75% faster than existing systems.

The speed and efficiency it offers are unique.

paciente depilación láser

The equipment is undoubtedly a benchmark in photodepilation. And we can now we can state with absolute certainty that our patients are very pleased with the results.

It has a high-speed knob that combines vacuum technology with the Laser Diode Light and makes the sessions fast and comfortable.

But know what the best thing is? You hardly notice it. The sessions are virtually painless, and you do not need any type of anaesthesia.

The photo shows a patient undergoing a hair-removal session.

Going to try it?

paciente depilación láser

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